Are you really making the most of your roast every Sunday?

Posted: 11/09/2017

A crispy, succulent joint of pork makes the perfect Sunday meal, but that doesn’t mean any leftovers should be thrown away. We always cook more meat than we need, so why not try and save money by discovering a number of ways to put your leftovers to good use. From lunch time to dinner there’s a number of quick and easy options suitable for every occasion.

Spicy pork pasta

Create a simple, throw-it-all-together pasta dish using leftover pork, mixed veggies, onions and tomatoes.

Pork casserole

For something deliciously different, use your leftover pork meat in a quick and easy casserole. Pork and vegetables both lend themselves well to casseroling and create a tasty mid-week supper for the whole family or an indulgent dinner for two. Serve with leftover roast potatoes, mashed potato or rice.

Pork fajitas

Get your friends and family over for a Mexican feast on Monday. Simply fry your leftover pork, peppers and onions in a pan and serve with chunky tomato salsa, warm tortillas, crispy lettuce, and low fat natural yogurt.

Pork salad

Make a quick and vegetable-packed salad to liven up any leftover pork you have in the fridge.

Pork curry

A tasty curry is a strong family favourite and perfect for getting your friends round for a bite to eat on a Friday or Saturday night. Try making your very own Thai or Viennese pork curry.

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