Bonfire Night Bangers and Mash

Posted: 27/10/2017

The nights are getting colder and it’s definitely bangers-and-mash weather once again. We’ve compiled our top 5 tips for perfect sausages and fluffy mash. Just add rich onion gravy for the ultimate comfort food.

  1. Cooking your sausages slowly will prevent them from splitting: Add a couple of sausages per person to a pan with a little oil. Cook them slowly on a low heat to allow a coat to develop on the outside of each sausage.

  2. Use good quality sausages: To take your bangers and mash up a notch, make sure you’re using good quality ‘butcher’s’ sausages with high meat content. Cheap sausages won’t taste as good and may contain unknown nasties. Our sausages are only made from the finest prime cuts of British Pork, guaranteeing you the best possible taste and quality. Our pigs are fed with wheat and barley grown and milled on the farm, meaning we can tell you exactly what is in our meat with confidence.

  3. Wait until the last minute to prep your mashed potatoes: There’s no reason your potatoes can’t be peeled and cut in advance, but mash is always fluffiest and most delicious when it’s served as fresh as possible. Wait until your sausages are five minutes away from being ready to serve and then prepare your mash!

  4. Don’t skimp on the fat: Full-fat milk and Butter will make the creamiest mash.

  5. Don’t add cold milk or cream to your potatoes: Adding cold ingredients will lower the  overall temperature of your mash and might make it lumpy. Warm any liquid ingredients in a small pan before adding them to your potatoes.


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