Sausage carbonara with crispy bacon

Posted: 04/02/2019

Spaghetti carbonara is simply delicious, creamy and so easy to make. Just add premium Wicks Manor sausages and succulent smoked streaky bacon to give the pasta an extra level of flavour. 

Serves 4


4 Wicks Manor pork sausages
2 rashers Wicks Manor smoked streaky bacon, rind removed, chopped into short strips
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
350g dried linguine
4 large- free-range egg yolks
50g grated parmesan or pecorino cheese
100ml single cream
Zest of 1 lemon
Extra virgin rapeseed oil


  1. To make the sausage meatballs, using kitchen scissors, slit the sausages open lengthwise and remove the casings . Wet your hands and break the meat into chunks. Roll into balls the size of large marbles and set aside.
  2. Using a large, heavy-based frying pan, heat ½ tbsp oil over a medium heat and then fry the sausage balls, shaking the pan to roll them , until they are golden all over.
  3. Add the chopped bacon and continue to fry for another 2 minutes until coloured. Remove from the heat. Cover with foil to keep warm.
  4. In the meantime, bring a large pan of salted water to the boil. Add the pasta and cook as directed on the packaging.
  5. Whisk the egg yolks, cream, lemon zest and half the cheese together.
  6. Once the pasta is cooked, drain it reserving a couple of tablespoons of the cooking water.
  7. Return it to the pan with the egg mixture and stir together. Add the sausage and bacon and toss.
  8. Add some of the reserved cooking water to loosen if necessary. Season to taste.
  9. Scatter over the remaining cheese and drizzle with a little more oil. Serve immediately.

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