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Succulent Wicks Manor hams cured and cooked on the farm. Hams are butchered, cured and then cooked on the farm in our ham room. Hams are available as smoked, unsmoked or honey roasted either ready to be carved or as our retail packs of sliced ham.
We can provide hams on the bone or half hams if required please call us and let us know what you want

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Honey Roast Ham

Honey Roasted 1/2 Ham. Beautifully cured and cooked and then drizzled with local Goldhanger honey and roasted off for added flavour. 2kg


Smoked Sliced Ham

Sliced smoked pre packed ham 200g


Smoked Whole Ham on the Bone

Whole Smoked Ham on the Bone. 5.5 kg .


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